Chatswood Baptist Youth

Chatswood Baptist Youth is all about learning to trust and follow Jesus as teenagers.
We meet together on Sundays mornings (junior high) and Friday nights (senior high) to have fun, study the bible, ask tricky questions, pray and encourage each other to trust Jesus. Once a month, both groups get together on a Friday night for a social, which is mostly about having fun together, building relationships and inviting friends along.

Newbies are always welcome to join!

We realise that everyone benefits when youth can worship, learn and serve alongside people of all ages. That’s why the youth at Chatswood Baptist join in our weekly church services as an integral part of the church community. Those in year 10 and upwards are encouraged to come along and join in for the whole morning church service, whilst those in year 7-9 go out to their separate bible study during the majority of the service. At the end of each term, our Sunday Morning service is a special Youth Service, which is an opportunity for the youth to participate in running and leading the service in various ways.

Senior Youth (Yrs 9-12)

Church: 9:30-11am Sundays
Youth Study: 6:30-8:30pm Fridays

Friday Night Socials (monthly)

Junior Youth (Yrs 7-9)

Church: 9:30-11am Sundays
Youth Study: 9:45-11am (during morning church)

Friday Night Socials (monthly)


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