Gospel Songs to sing at home

Gospel Songs to sing at home with the family or on your own

Music is an important part of how we praise God together when we meet on a Sunday. When we sing good Gospel songs we praise God, we encourage one another, and we sing out the glorious truths of the Gospel. Many of us also listen to (and sing along with) songs of worship during the week and let me encourage you to do this as well.

So for this week, I have chosen three songs for us to listen to and sing along with. Each has a particular function. All of the links have words for you to sing along with.

Firstly, we start off with praise, O Praise the Name. How can we not Praise the Lord when we remember Jesus death and resurrection.

Secondly, the world around us is in turmoil at the moment. However, as followers of Jesus we can sing that it is well because of our faith in him. It is well. The words to this song were written by Horatio Spafford in 1876. This hymn sings of the blessed assurance and hope of the Gospel.

Thirdly, we want to live lives which honour and glorify Jesus. So we sing Be Thou My Vision.

Please feel free to email me your song requests. Each week I will choose three songs so that we may praise God, encourage each other and sing out the glorious Gospel..


Pastor Mark – mark@chatswoodbaptist.com.au