Recommended Reading & Helpful Links

Recommended Reading

We have a range of books available for purchase or loan from our ‘Book Library’ – check out the glass cabinet in the church foyer and speak with one of the staff if you’re interested in purchasing or borrowing something.

As a small sample, these are some of the books we recommend reading to explore Christianity and grow in your faith:



Helpful Links

Bible Resources – Have the Bible e-mailed to you everyday for a year in a choice of formats or versions. – Listen to the bible on the Internet. – A large variety of bible reading plans ranging from 1 chapter a day on weekdays to 3 or 4 chapters a day. – Download the bible in mp3 format in many different languages. – Online bible in many languages and translations.

Christianity information sites – Course and essay by Mike Russell. – Supporting our partners in mission. – learn the bible visually


Online Resources (paid subscription) – online library of resources, ideas and encouragement for fulfilling Christ’s commission


Other churches – Mentone Baptist Church (led by previous Student Pastor)


High School SRE Curriculum

Chatswood Baptist Church is the nominated provider of Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) at Chatswood High and Willoughby Girls High, in partnership with a number of other local churches from various denominations. This responsibility is carried out primarily through the employment of a qualified teacher (with both teaching and theological degrees) through a local SRE board. For more information about the program and the Approved Curriculum, please go to: