Read, Reflect, Respond

We want to be a community that is growing in our love for God through a growing knowledge of his word and trust in it. That’s why our ‘Discipleship Focus’ is ‘Read, Reflect, Respond’.

We are aiming to see all regular attenders of Chatswood Baptist embrace the discipline of spending at least 15mins, 5 times a week reading, reflecting and responding to God’s word.



Some of us already have solid routines of engaging with God’s word and responding to it in prayer and faith – but some of us don’t! To help us all get onboard, here are some options:


Grab one of the handy bookmarks available at church that provide some helpful guidance on ‘reading, reflecting and responding’ to any passage of scripture you may be reading.


2.  ‘For the Love of God’ (Whole Bible in a year or two)

For many year, Christians have used the ‘McCheney Bible Reading Guide’ along with Don Carson’s devotional reflections on one of the listed Bible passages. The idea is to read either 2 or 4 chapters of the Bible per day, getting you through the whole Bible in either 1 or 2 years. You can either purchase the book from the bookstall at church ($24) [or any Christian bookstore], or you can sign up for a free email subscription provided by the Gospel Coalition:

3. ‘Explore’ 15 min Daily Devotionals

The Good Book Company publishes an easy to use and biblically faithful devotional guide called ‘explore’. It focuses on a single passage each day, often less than 1 chapter, and has questions and comments to guide you in your understanding and response to the passage. You can purchase paper copies from the church bookstall or direct from the Good Book Co. website:

You can also download the ‘Explore’ App for your phone or tablet and purchase devotional guides through the app:

The App has more options, especially for studying a particular book of the Bible.

A number of us using the Explore readings have joined a Facebook group for sharing thoughts and discussing the readings. Please join us!


Whatever form it takes for you, let’s engage with God’s word regularly and deeply!