Our Story

Humble Beginnings

We don’t know much about who started the church and what their plans were. What we do know is that it began when a small group of Christians began meeting together in North Sydney.

This group eventually bought a hall on the present side at the corner of Orchard Rd and Albert Avenue, Chatswood. In October 1919 the church identified itself as a Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Swan. At that time there were already 35 members.

Therefore while we date the beginning of our church from this date in 1919 the reality is that the church began earlier than this date. It began when believers decided it was good thing to meet together here in Chatswood around the Word of God to encourage one another and to preach the gospel here in the Chatswood community. Although we don’t think it was too much before 1919 it obviously commenced before this date.

A place to meet

Originally the first group of people met in a small wooden and tin roofed building. The first building that was specifically built for the church to meet in was completed in 1919 and the first service held in it on Sunday 6 December 1919.

Over the years the buildings have changed as our needs have changed. Halls were added and removed and added again. The property was extended from one small block to encompass four household blocks on the corner of Orchard Rd and Albert Ave. Additions to the church building were last completed in 2015.

A people committed to the gospel of Christ

While the buildings have changed over the years one thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment of the church to the Word of God and to the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This Church has a strong evangelical heritage which continues today as we seek to faithfully declare the Word of God. We believe that the gospel is the power of salvation and that it is only through faith in Christ that people are saved. This commitment to Christ, the gospel and the Bible as the Word of God has not changed over the years.