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Please note you can send questions through YouTube Live Chat or text to 0480 020 316 for the Q and A session after the talk

Order of Service

  • Welcome and opening prayer
  • Songs
  • Mission spot: Mittelstadts
  • Lord's prayer
  • Church Family prayer
  • Bible Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:16
  • Bible talk
  • Announcements
  • Q & A
  • Song
  • Closing prayer


Online Giving - if you call Chatswood Baptist your 'home church', and you haven't yet considered 'how and why' to give towards our financial goals as church community, please check out our helpful guide on the website.

Quarterly Church Meeting 22nd May - at these meetings the membership of the church come together to discuss ministry matters. Please make this meeting a priority and put it in your diary.

Life of Jesus course from Sunday 5th June - whether you are looking for answers to life’s big questions or just interested in the history and philosophy of the Christian faith, the Life of Jesus DVD course will intrigue, entertain and challenge. Over the sessions, you can ask all your questions or just sit back and take it in. No assumptions are made about your faith, knowledge or even interest in Christianity. This really is the ‘101’ course for people curious to explore the basics of the world’s largest faith. Please contact Mark to register your interest:

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