Hot Topics – Evening Church Series

Join us in Evening Church for this special series of talks on tricky topics that can raise doubts and create barriers to following Jesus. Our hope is that exploring these topics will be helpful for regulars and especially for any visitors who don’t normally come to church.

These special Evening Church services will have a greater focus on discussion and QnA time, and we will continue our practice of sharing a meal together after the service. Come along, bring a friend and some questions!

24th June – Is there really a heaven and hell?

1st July – Can you believe in God and the Bible if you embrace Science?

8th July – Isn’t Christianity repressive and outdated?

15th July – How could a loving and powerful God be in charge of a world with so much suffering?

22nd July – Isn’t it intolerant to say there is only one true religion?

Submit a Question for discussion during the Q&A session on the night!

(please note, it may not be possible to cover all questions on the night. If you leave your email address, we can follow up afterwards)