Food for Thought

Food for Thought is one our major events for the year at Chatswood Baptist. It’s an ideal event for someone to hear what Christianity is all about and consider why so many of us think following Jesus is the best way to live life.

Come along to enjoy great food, hear a thought provoking talk on who Jesus is and why he matters, and engage in stimulating discussion.


Whether you are picking up kids from the bus stop or pitching to a boardroom, we all wake up with a job to do. But have you stopped and asked: Why am I doing this? What’s the point? Is there something more?

If the daily grind has caught up with you, you are not alone! Come join us at Food for Thought and hear Mark Leong, Sydney director of City Bible Forum, speak on the topic of work, life and Jesus.

Mark is just like you. Every Monday morning, he is one of those commuting zombies. Every Thursday afternoon, he is that embarrassing dad at pick up (Hi Annabelle and Mitchell!). Starting as a tax consultant at Ernst & Young, Mark is now the Sydney director and public speaker for City Bible Forum, avid Swans supporter and feels he better mention his better-half Grace, or else he’ll get into trouble.


Venue: Pamana (Filipino cafe and restaurant) Epica Building, 2/9 Railway St, Chatswood (opposite the Zenith Theatre)

Parking: Free parking is available in the Epica Building carpark. Enter from the roundabout and use the #9 key pad.
Press 02 ‘Bell’ and wait for the restaurant staff to let you in.


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