Bible Overview Course

God’s Big Picture


God’s Big Picture is a Bible Overview course designed to help you understand the overall story of the Bible. It will give you some familiarity with the details of the story, but the focus is giving you a framework for the Bible’s overall story and seeing how the parts of the Bible fit into it. We will also discuss how to read and apply different parts of the Bible in light of the overall story. 

This course is essential for those in teaching roles, such as youth and KLAG leaders and growth group leaders. It’s also a great foundation for all Christians seeking to grow in their knowledge and confidence in reading God’s word.

The online course videos and study materials are available for free here.


Join us for an information Session after either of Sunday services on March 7th (10:45am or 12:15pm), or simply come along for the first session on March 14th @ 1pm.

Sessions will normally run from 1pm – 1:45pm on Sundays, initially from March 14 – March 28. We will break after Easter holidays and return to complete the course in Term 2.

We are running the course more slowly than we have previously, with more sessions and no expectation of pre-work. We hope this means more people can feel confident to join us. Of course, those keen to read the chapters between sessions are very welcome and will certainly get more out of it. We have copies of ‘God’s Big Picture’ available at church to purchase – just get in touch.

For those wanting to dig deeper, we recommend enrolling in the first PTC course, Introduction to the Bible. After the main course session finishes at 1:45pm, there will be an optional 30min discussion for those enrolled in PTC.

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