Disciple Makers

Sharing Jesus Post-Covid: Reflecting together on Sam Chan’s ‘post-COVID playbook’

You don’t need me to tell you that the world has changed! But more to the point – WE have changed. All the changes to the daily reality of life haven’t just changed our routines, they have affected the way we think and feel and look at the world. How can we effectively share Jesus with others in a post-COVID world? What opportunities are there now – perhaps more than ever? How do we actually go about it?










Discussion Guide (created by City Bible Forum): The Post-COVID Playbook (edited)


Disciple Makers is aimed to encourage and equip anyone and everyone in the church to be effectively making disciples of Jesus in all of life.

Handout for Previous Session

Session 3 – Discipling at home (PDF)

session 4 – Handout- where is god in this? (PDF)