Healthy Christians have a solid foundation and are growing in their faith. We run a number of courses for those wanting to explore the Christian faith, for new believers (or older ones!) wanting to lay solid foundations for the Christian life, and for anybody wanting to be better equipped to teach, lead and serve God’s people.

Exploring the Christian Message

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You, Me and the Bible (6 sessions over 3 weeks, run 3 times a year)

The bible is one of the most significant books in history, has made a huge impact on western culture, and claims to answer some of life’s biggest questions. But where do you start? Join us for three weeks to get an overview of the message of the bible and what it means to be a Christian.

You can explore this material as part of a small group course, run three times a year, or one-to-one with someone from the church at an arranged time.

Life of Jesus (6 sessions)

This is a course exploring the life of Jesus. It is based around the Gospel of Luke and an excellent documentary series produced by John Dickson. This series is a balanced, thought provoking and compelling introduction to who Jesus really is. It was filmed on location in Israel so as to bring the real Jesus out of story into reality.

Laying Foundations

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Considering Baptism (2 sessions)

Baptism is something that a lot of Christians differ about. This two session study looks at the references to baptism in the New Testament to see why believers are baptised.

Just for Starters (7 sessions)

This is seven session Bible study is produced by Mattias Media. It provides believers with a better understanding of God’s kindness, the Church, how to talk and listen to God and how we should relate to others.

Bible Reading Basics (2 sessions)

In two sessions we look at why and how Christians ought to read their Bibles.

Building up

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Bible Basics (5 sessions)

Bible Basics is a five session Bible overview looking at the story line of the Bible. The course hopes to provide a solid foundation for understanding the Bible and its message.

God’s Big Picture (9 Unit Online Course)

This course is a video based online course available through The Gospel Coalition based on Vaughan Roberts’ book “God’s Big Picture”. We occasionally run a face-face course based on this material.

Access the course videos and handouts here

Church Basics (3 sessions)

Church Basics seeks to provide people with a better understanding of the Church and what it means to belong to local body of believers. It also explores what it means for our church to be a “Baptist” church. This course is a requirement for church membership.

Reformation Basics (4 sessions)

The Reformation was a crucial turning point in the history of Christianty. These studies look at why the reformation came about and what was the significance of the reformation for people then and us today.