Evening Church

Sunday Evening Church - 5:30pm

Church on Sundays is an important part of our life as a community. We come together in order to encourage one another in our faith in Jesus so that we might live life the way our Creator intended. We do this through praying together, singing hymns and songs, reading and listening to the Bible explained and taught.

What should I Expect

On Sunday night, church@5:30 aims to encourage young adults of Chatswood to engage with God and live life the way the Creator intended. It features Bible talks applied to issues facing young adults today, contemporary Christian songs and music, relevant discussions and prayer. An opportunity to engage with others is also provided over supper after the service. Once a month, dinner is a key part of the service, either during the service itself, or afterwards in a local restaurant.

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Church Office

E-mail: office@chatswoodbaptist.com.au
Telephone:(02) 9419-3179

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Corner of Orchard Rd & Albert Ave, Chatswood.
See this map for our location and directions.

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PO Box 1712, Chatswood, NSW 2057