Evening Church

Sunday Evening Church – 5:30pm

Church on Sundays is an important part of our life as a community. We come together in order to encourage one another in our faith in Jesus so that we might live life the way our Creator intended. We do this through praying together, singing songs that celebrate the truths of the gospel, reading and listening to the Bible explained and taught and sharing a meal together.

What should I Expect

On Sunday night, church@5:30 aims to encourage young adults and workers of Chatswood to engage with God and live life the way the Creator intended. It features Bible based and relevant talks, contemporary Christian songs and music, relevant discussions and prayer. A key feature of Evening Church is that we share a meal together in the foyer after the service. We see this is part of our Sunday night gathering, and a key opportunity to welcome people and continue building relationships with each other. On the last Sunday of the month we do this by going out for dinner after church in a local restaurant.

Special ‘Hot Topics’ Series: June 24 – July 22nd

During the cold weeks of mid-winter, we will be warming ourselves up on Sunday evenings by getting stuck into some Hot Topics! Is there really a heaven and hell? Can you believe in God and the Bible if you embrace Science? Isn’t Christianity repressive and outdated? What about all the suffering – could there really be a loving God in charge of this world? And how can we say there is only one true religion in such a multicultural place as Chatswood!? Bring along a friend and join us at Evening Church for this series of ‘Hot Topic Talks’ as we explore these tricky questions which often stand in the way of faith.